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10 Flights of Ballooning is a cornucopia of games based on the Balloon Trip mode in the original Balloon Fight.

Relish in discovering the different flavors of games.

What ingredients can be added, subtracted, substituted, etc. to the original recipe? What are the resulting dishes?

I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.


Serious stuff:

This was made in a graduate class based on Pippin Barr's 2016 IndieCade East talk, "36 Reasons to Make the Same Game 36 Times."

10 Flights works on PC and Mac OSX. You can use a keyboard, a DualShock 4 controller, or whatever Xbox controller you have (tested with Xbox One and Xbox 360). There's a readme in there with more info, but I strongly suggest you just boot up the game and play and have a good time.

The credits are in the secret game. Try to unlock them and see all the people I thanked!

Update 5-1-2017

I fixed some typos in the credits and also made sure the Mac build is correct. Balloon Light should play correctly now, and a couple of other minor issues that nobody will ever notice were also fixed.


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Unfortunately the game is very difficult for me.  Any chance you could add an easy difficulty?

Thanks for your comments!  Are all of the game modes too difficult?  I am currently working on an easier game that's similar to this.  I hope you'll check that out, too, and enjoy it!

Well all the game modes are extremely difficult for me. For starters, the classic trip mode requires very precise movements to avoid the electric sparks. The "balloon right" mode adds to this difficulty tenfold by making the movement really confusing. The "Electric Avenue" mode eats up my energy way too fast and I lose within 10 seconds no matter what I do. And in the "Balloon Light" mode everything is so dark and I can't see anything lol. I really hope that you make at least some game modes a bit easier because I really like this game and I think it's very ambitious!

OMG this is just too good!!! Balloon Fight reimagined!