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10/13/16 - Boston FIG build.

I'm finally getting around to uploading the version I showed at Boston FIG. There are several improvements and adjustments, the most major of which being the unlockable Boston themed levels. If you can beat the original game fast enough, you'll be able to embark on a new adventure. Also, it mostly always knows if you have a controller plugged in or are using a spacebar, so that humongous game-breaking bug has been pseudo eliminated.

The main mechanic of the new levels was inspired by a judge's feeback that read "I liked being able to cling to walls and climb up." I wasn't aware that you could do that in my game, so either the judge found a bug feature or was playing another game. This will likely be the last update to this project. Any more and I feel quite sure that the joke will be killed (if it hasn't been already). Enjoy! Reach out if you have any questions/concerns/comments/dry cleaning bills from getting sick.

Old update:

I added a speedrun timer and a bunch of wacky environmental elements.

How fast can you go?

Hard reset (for hardcore runners) for PS4 controller = X+Square+Circle+Triangle+PS Button.

The People Have Spoken:

"This is the craziest game I've ever played" - Person at NJ Arcade

"Make a VR build and send it to the press" - Other person at NJ Arcade

"If I didn't have to leave I'd be here for hours and hours and hours" - Young person at NJ Arcade, who got overhead count on Spin Dash level to -1000

"People would vomit if you put this on Oculus" - Person 3 at NJ Arcade

"If you put this on Oculus I will die" - Person 4 at NJ Arcade

"This would be the funniest game to drink to. Not even play. Drink and watch." - Notable Player at NJ Arcade

"This is like a game I made called f***ed up" - Fellow dev at NJ Arcade

"I like the title- oh God. Oh. God." - Surprised player at NJ Arcade

"I'll tell you what I don't like - The view" - Friend and fellow classmate at NJ Arcade

"Oh, Mark Cerny! Oh, there he is- oh God. Oh." - Shocked, industry savvy player at NJ Arcade

"Oh, no." - Player at NJ Arcade who quickly put controller down after 2 seconds of play.

"I think I broke the camera" - Person who thought they broke the camera.

PAX East 2016:

"Your UI is bugging out."

"Please tell me you're not planning on bringing this to the Rift."

"Why is it doing that?"

"I can do Dark Souls. This is too much."

"The best Hero Shooter of 2016."

"I've got to say. I don't like this game" - Robin Arnott, creator of SoundSelf

"I feel like this is a trap."

"Wha-... what is this?"

"I feel like this is a torture device."

"You guys are the devil."

"I hate this, but I can think of a lot of people who would love it."

"Whaaaat is this? I do NOT like this!"

"...thanks for your time..."

"This isn't some weird social science experiment, is it? I am concerned."

"I can't say I've ever seen this before..."

"It's, uh... special" un person qui a travaille sur We Happy Few.

"This is so inspirational."

"This is easily the most inventive thing I've seen here."

"This is soooooo annoying."

IndieCade East 2016

"That's so evil."

"It would help if it was zoomed out a little."

"I didn't know what was happening at all. The whole time." - person who beat the entire game.

"I loved it and hated myself for loving it."

"The spacebar works fine, it's everything else that I have a problem with."

"I liked being able to cling to walls and climb up."

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